Toshitsuki Shochu


Toshitsuki Shochu


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Packaging Design

Our Role:

Branding Design & Photography

Toshitsuki Shochu Distillery aims to deliver the most authentic experience of Japanese Shochu to their audience. Their Shochu is single-distilled, made from 100% select barley, and is aged for more than 5 years in oak barrels. Toshitsuki means “years or passing time” in Japanese. Unfortunately Shochu is not familiar to the general public in the United States, therefore in this project, we helped Toshitsuki present their identity to the US market. We replicated the famous ukiyo-e print, but instead of clothing, we mimicked outfits by applying the ukiyo-e layering process with paper costuming. After trial and error, photo collage was ultimately used as the final approach. This enabled a creative and effective solution to bringing this culture to life.

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