Meet Take 21

Our goal is simple - we want to help others tell their unique stories and define their place in the world. Our company specializes in creating effective media production and brand identity solutions for those ready to stand out and share their message.


Story Behind the Name

Take 21 comes from our collective learning experiences as filmmakers, photographers, designers, and artists. As creative underdogs who have learned to fall and rise, we use every opportunity (take) to learn, refine, and continuously put out purposeful work. We strongly value having a community, supporting one another, and guiding both our clients and team members to grow in their success.

After a narrative film project under the same name, our group was moved by each other’s dedication, efficiency, and initiative to tell stories. The success of this production, as well as the relationships fostered, inspired us to form Take 21 Media as a way of paying forward the same principles into our future projects with others.

Take 21 Media was founded with the belief that the journey of creating a product is just as important as the product itself. We always work to have an open mind to new ideas, give more than we take, and make content that we can be proud of.

As media continues to revolutionize how the world is seen, we strive to make sure those we work with are properly seen and represented. Our passion for creativity and understanding of the market enables us to create high-quality media for the people we are honored to partner with.

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